Monday, 22 August 2011


We took advantage of the offer on baking goodies in Sainsbury's last week and my three year old chose some sprinkles and icing to decorate some shop bought rich tea biscuits.
If we'd have had more time it would have been even better to bake the biscuits ourselves but he had fun and it kept him occupied for a while on a rainy afternoon!


I came across this by mistake as I had been meaning to make sourdough but after reading the recipe I realised I hadn't enough time to bake it. Then I stumbled across Rachel Allen's soda bread recipe. 
Very quick to make, no yeast or proving required and goes great with soup!


These were a recipe from Tana Ramsays Family Kitchen. I like to keep the freezer stocked with different things for packed lunches and these do freeze well.
It is basically a pizza but just rolled up to contain the topping for transport!


I've been desperate to try these for ages after seeing them on the Bakerella blog. So I decided to give them a go for my brothers birthday.
First I downloaded the template for the baskets and printed out onto card. I wanted the paper lining the tray and the fries packets to be personalised so these were amended on the computer before printing out on tracing paper and heavyweight paper. These were quite easy to assemble so I did them the night before.

The burger buns are just a normal cupcake recipe, once these are cooled you cut them in half to make the bun.
Next was the burger.These were made using a chocolate fudge brownie recipe. Then once they have cooled right down I used a champagne flute to cut out the right sized burger for the bun.
The fries were made using a recipe I found online for rolled sugar cookies. The dough was made and rested for 6 hours before rolling out and slicing thinly to bake. They only took 6 minutes to bake in the oven and once they had cooled a little they were dipped in melted butter and rolled in sugar to give the salty appearance.

When I was ready to assemble the cakes I split some buttercream into 3 small bowls and added appropriate food colouring to make the lettuce, mustard and ketchup.
This was piped onto the round brownie before sandwiching between the cupcake halves.
Once all the baking was done it was time to assemble the burger tray!